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Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront

Transforming Bunbury's Waterfront

New life is being breathed into Bunbury’s waterfront. And it’s all thanks to the State Government’s Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront project.

We lead the multi-agency project team responsible for delivering the three-stage initiative that is transforming coastal areas stretching from Koombana Bay to Casuarina Boat Harbour.

Since the initial concept for the project was unveiled in 2015, the vision for Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront has been making the leap from blueprint to reality.

Locals and visitors alike are enjoying the enhanced Koombana Foreshore,  redeveloped Dolphin Discovery Centre and upgraded Jetty Road Causeway – all of which have been delivered through Stage 1 of the project. 

With Stage 1,  plus the Stage 2A Jetty Road Causeway upgrade component now complete, efforts are now focused on components of the remaining stages, including the Casuarina Drive Redevelopment.

Stimulating the economy through boosting the tourism and marine industry sectors are important outcomes of this project. Throughout the timeline of the project, there has also been an emphasis on maximising job opportunities and tenders for locals.

The local community is reaping the rewards of Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront in a variety of ways. Benefits include improved public amenity, better facilities, upgraded spaces to spent time in, and the creation of jobs during construction and operation.

Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront is overseen by the South West Development Commission, working in partnership with Department of Transport, DevelopmentWA, City of Bunbury and Southern Ports.

Project stages

1. Koombana Foreshore Revitalisation – Complete

The Koombana Bay foreshore has been greatly enhanced with:

  • Children’s playground and community facilities
  • Improved open space including areas for pop-up vendors, markets and concerts
  • An amphitheatre for beach concerts and events
  • Upgraded kiosk and public facilities
  • A replacement pedestrian bridge over The Plug.

Status: Officially reopened February 3 2018. Named Park of the Year in the Parks and Leisure WA Awards of Excellence for 2018. 

2. Dolphin Discovery Centre Redevelopment – Complete

A major upgrade and redevelopment has transformed this popular tourist attraction:

  • Striking new-look building offers a wow’ factor to one of the main approaches into the city centre
  • Interpretative centre incorporating aquariums,  360-degree Digital Dolphinarium, children’s activities
  • Cafe/restaurant
  • Gift shop
  • Function rooms.

Status: Officially reopened.

1. Jetty Road Causeway Upgrade – Complete

The two-year project was delivered in two phases and involved major repairs to the causeway including the placement of thousands of tonnes of rock to strengthen the structure:

  • Reconstruction of Jetty Road
  • Penholder facility and public toilets
  • 164 new car parking bays
  • Improvements to utilities including power and water
  • Introduction of shared paths and landscaping.

Status: Officially opened December 2020. 

2. Casuarina Drive Redevelopment Underway

Work is underway to revitalise the precinct and offer modern public amenities to locals and visitors alike through three distinct scopes of work:

  • Scope 1: Landscaping and revitalisation works at Jetty Baths Park
  • Scope 2: Civil works including road, parking and services upgrade
  • Scope 3: Landscaping and revitalisation works for the remaining length of Casuarina Harbour and Casuarina Beach.

Status: Scope 1, the upgrade of Jetty Baths Park, was officially opened in December 2021. Scope 2 has also been completed.

1. Phase 1 – Delivery

Infrastructure to support future development of the marine industry and provide long-term assets for the community to enjoy will be delivered including:

  • New breakwaters at Casuarina Boat Harbour and Koombana Bay requiring around 200,000 tonnes of armour rock and 450,000 tonnes of core rock to be transported to site;
  • Serviced lease sites at Casuarina Boat Harbour for marine commercial activities such as boat lifting, boat servicing and boat storage; and
  • Community facilities such as toilets at Casuarina Boat Harbour boat ramp and fishing and swimming platforms at Koombana Bay.

Status: Works completed on new Casuarina Boat Harbour boat ramp facility Dec 2022 forms part of the delivery of Stage 3.1. Future works include trailer parking upgrades and construction of new toilet facility.

Useful information & documents

Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront is a State Government project led by the South West Development Commission.  The project is being delivered in partnership with multiple agencies.

When the vision for transforming the waterfront was unveiled to the public in October 2015, we invited the community to have their say. About 95 per cent of those who took up the opportunity to provide feedback indicated approval for the concept. That vision has made the leap from reality – and the community is now enjoying the benefits.

TBW staging map_July_2022-1                                                                                                                                                                                          

Local Content

Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront has a strong track record for providing work opportunities for local businesses. Examples include:

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