Manufacturing is one of the South West’s biggest industries – and there is room to advance this sector further.

South West manufacturing contributed almost $6.5 billion to State output in 2019 and accounted for over 20 per cent of the region’s total output, and generating more than 9 per cent of regional employment.

Manufacturing also leads in regional exports, contributing 40 per cent of the region’s value of goods and services, earning more than $4.5 billion in exports.

The manufacturing sector continues to expand and grow, particularly with value-added industries. Local manufacturers service the region, also providing high-tech services for international markets.

Opportunities exist for advanced manufacturing of products and services with an established and growing network of manufacturing and engineering businesses in the region.

We are working with local, state and federal government agencies, as well as industry stakeholders, to explore growth opportunities for this sector.

Investigations are underway for a proposed advanced manufacturing and technology education hub to support infrastructure for small to medium businesses to access.