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Diverse & Growing Industry

Diverse & Growing Industry

The South West is well known for its natural beauty, but it is also home to diverse industries that fuel a dynamic economy. 

The South West has a dynamic economy which generated $14.7 billion in 2019. Over the past decade, Gross Regional Product (in real terms) for the South West Region has grown 25.6 per cent.

The region has a diverse range of industries that provide employment opportunities for South West people.

Large investments are planned and underway.

The South West region is benefitting from ongoing major State and Commonwealth Government investment in roads, rail and port including the $852 million for the Bunbury Outer Ring Road.

Value-add by industry sector

Industry SectorSouth West Region (2019 Release 1)
Rental, Hiring & Real Estate Services$1,998.30914.72%
Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing$1,123.9628.28%
Health Care & Social Assistance$967.2047.13%
Education & Training$803.4405.92%
Retail Trade$771.4105.68%
Public Administration & Safety$545.7674.02%
Financial & Insurance Services$544.9744.02%
Electricity, Gas, Water & Waste Services$544.1544.01%
Accommodation & Food Services$476.2813.51%
Administrative & Support Services$430.1823.17%
Professional, Scientific & Technical Services$407.4233.00%
Transport, Postal & Warehousing$405.5392.99%
Wholesale Trade$299.3112.21%
Other Services$267.2391.97%
Information Media & Telecommunications$130.0250.96%
Arts & Recreation Services$79.3000.58%




Regional Imports by Industry Sector

Industry SectorSouth West Region (2019 Release 1)
Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing$1,226.67710.84%
Electricity, Gas, Water & Waste Services$686.8666.07%
Accommodation & Food Services$421.7513.73%
Education & Training$317.5282.81%
Rental, Hiring & Real Estate Services$194.5101.72%
Retail Trade$171.5411.52%
Transport, Postal & Warehousing$153.9731.36%
Wholesale Trade$74.1510.66%
Administrative & Support Services$73.2060.65%
Arts & Recreation Services$45.7370.40%
Other Services$36.9590.33%
Professional, Scientific & Technical Services$32.1770.28%
Health Care & Social Assistance$28.8830.26%
Information Media & Telecommunications$23.4290.21%
Public Administration & Safety$18.5170.16%
Financial & Insurance Services$16.6240.15%

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