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Agriculture & Food

Agriculture & Food

There’s a good chance that the avocado you put on your toast and the milk you pour over your cereal is produced in the South West.

The region is a major food bowl in Western Australia, an agricultural heartland producing a diverse array of quality produce that lands on plates around the state, nation and world. It also has a growing reputation as a culinary food destination and is home to a number of major food events.

The most significant commodities were milk, followed by cattle and calves and avocados.

Fruit, vegetables and wine grapes are also significant contributors.

The region is famed as the home of the WA apple breeding program, producing varieties of the fruit that are marketed as the world famous Pink Lady® apple and the new Bravo® branded apple, as well as producing the majority of Australia’s premium black truffles.

The three largest beef processing facilities in Western Australia, with multiple export market accreditations, are located in the region.

The South West is well-known for its clean, green and safe environment, making it an ideal setting for agricultural development and investment, including in agribusiness and agritourism. 

High-value premium food and beverages are processed and manufactured in the region and exported. Out of the Western Australia’s nine regions, the South West contains the highest percentage of Western Australia’s food and beverage manufacturing businesses. As at 30 June 2023, there were 1,507 food and beverage product manufacturing businesses in Western Australia. Of these, about 18 per cent were based in the South West.

Did you know?

The Southern Forests produces 85 per cent of the Southern Hemisphere’s black truffle. Australian black truffles from Manjimup are supplied to chefs, restaurants and distributors across the world. 


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