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Industry news: Women in trades

Industry news: Women in trades

Industry news: Women in trades

Meet two locals blazing a trail – Dana Carr and Sarah Wallace.

They are among a growing number of women picking up tools to work in trades, according to South Regional TAFE Managing Director Darshi Ganeson.

“There has been an increase in uptake of trade-related training in VET delivered in secondary schools, pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships,” Ms Ganeson said.

“Women are coming into this training with great success and being supported by both genders in the training and work environments.

“I think the benefits and opportunities for advancement and job security in the trades is starting to be well understood.”

SR TAFE offers a wide range of qualifications in various industries such as automotive, building and construction, electrical, mining, resources and surveying. Trade qualifications include mobile plant technology, fitting and machining, heavy metal fabrication, carpentry and joinery and cabinet making, to name a few.

“There are so many in-demand trades roles now and with this variety comes opportunities to carve your niche and make your mark,” Ms Ganeson said.

“With technological advancements, the trades are also evolving to incorporate higher end technology so the sorts of skills that were needed years ago to, say, be a heavy-duty mechanic is now changing with automation.

“With this comes new requirements in skills and abilities.

“The career advancement opportunities and the job security that many of the trades industries offer is also very attractive to career minded women.”

Ms Ganeson is supporting the South West Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Hub (SW AMTECH) Study, which is led by the South West Development Commission (SWDC).

SWDC chief executive officer Mellisa Teede said it is important to have our schools, TAFE and university represented on the SW AMTECH Education and Research Innovation Group.

“All members of this group will play a valuable role in providing advice that will support building the case for a SW AMTECH. It is fantastic to have them on board as we map out education, training and research needs together with representatives from industry,” Ms Teede said.

“A SW AMTECH would unlock new opportunities for rewarding careers. We’d like to see more women putting up their hands to work in traditionally-male dominated industries. There are already some great examples in the region of women making their mark.”

Industry news: Encouraging women into trades

Tradeswomen Australia Group aims to encourage, recruit and retain women in skilled trade roles that are traditionally male-dominated.

The organisation recently announced the Building Futures: Pathways to Trades pilot program aimed at assisting women obtain access to well-paid employment in the trades careers.

Trades Women Australia Founder and Managing Director Fiona McDonald says there has been a small increase in women entering trade training.

“Through our career advice services we are noticing more women and girls with an interest in apprenticeship and traineeships in trade,” Ms McDonald said.

“There is still a gap in information on trade pathways that is readily available for career advisors and those making new career decisions.

“We are trying to get the message out there about the incredible career opportunities within trades but we need ongoing assistance from industry and business to spread the word.”

Ms McDonald said there were many reasons why businesses should consider employing women in trades.

“Employing a diverse group of people has been proven in research to increase productivity, reduce workplace accidents, improve mental health and wellbeing, support retention and positive workplace culture,” Ms McDonald said.

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