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Help at hand for developing your REDs application

Help at hand for developing your REDs application

You want to put forward your best funding application. We want you to as well! Which is why we have made available a series of online grant writing tutorials.
We encourage you to watch the videos before getting started with your submission. We have broken the videos into handy sections relating to specific sections of the application.
With up funding available for projects in the South West, the State Government’s RED Grants program represents a fantastic opportunity for local organisations.
If you have project in the pipeline that will unlock economic development and support jobs in the region, we invite you get in contact with us at SWDC by email or phone – 9792 2000.
Our team can answer all your queries and indicate if the RED Grants program is the right fit for your initiative, before you start the application process.


  1. Introduction and about REDS
  2. Before you start
  3. Grant writing overview
  4. Why is the project needed?
  5. What will the funding deliver?
  6. How will you ensure accountability?
  7. When will key deliverables occur?
  8. Who supports the project?
  9. Is the budget confirmed and finance secured?
  10. Can the expected outcomes be quantified?
  11. Answer all the questions
  12. Before you submit

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