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Profile: Collabs Scientific Services Director and Principal Consultant Kathy Miller

Profile: Collabs Scientific Services Director and Principal Consultant Kathy Miller

We’re celebrating National Science Week by showcasing a South West industrial scientist who is working with the future industries of Collie. Collabs Scientific Services Director and Principal Consultant Kathy Miller is assisting the innovative new and emerging industries establishing in Collie’s transitioning economy, with support from the State Government.

In a career spanning three decades, industrial scientist Kathy Miller has worked on cutting-edge projects across a range of industries. From food and pharmaceuticals to cosmetics and advanced manufacturing, Kathy has contributed to exciting projects in the UK and Australia in diverse fields encompassing research and development, production and quality management. Now, she is making the most of the “huge opportunity” to be involved in the new industries establishing in Collie, as the State Government works to support the diversification of the town’s economic base.

Originally from the UK where she spent three years working in food research, Kathy came to live in Western Australia following a backpacking holiday in 1995 that led to her being sponsored for residency by an employer. Based near Collie in Cardiff for the past 17 years, Kathy is currently working as a scientific consultant to many of the new companies setting up in town.

“It is just amazing to be able to live and work in beautiful rural surroundings with some of the most innovative, high-tech new projects that currently exist in Australia,” Kathy said.

“There’s so much science being poured into our little town.

“International Graphite, Colliecrete, Cannaponics, Renergi, Magnium Australia, Green Steel WA, and so many more – all currently small start-ups that have huge potential and massive, exciting, passionate plans for the future.

“So many existing small Collie businesses are also expanding and growing too. The whole place is incredibly dynamic and it’s so cool to be privileged enough to see some of what’s flowing below the surface right now.

“And in between being involved in amazing cutting-edge science and innovation, I get to go hiking in the bush, and captain my local volunteer bushfire brigade.

The self-employed scientific consultant provides works with a range of local businesses.

“Becoming a scientific consultant evolved from a few different things coalescing together during COVID times, both personal and professional influences, and I sort of fell into it, and grabbed a huge opportunity to be involved with some of the amazing new industries coming to Collie,” Kathy said.

“What I most enjoy about it is the lifestyle flexibility, the amazing diversity of projects I’m working on all at once, the incredibly smart and interesting people I work with, and their individual and collective positivity and passion for the future.”

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