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Another step towards WA’s first graphite processing plant in Collie

Another step towards WA’s first graphite processing plant in Collie

The State Government welcomes the signing of a non‐binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between International Graphite and ZEN Energy, which brings the construction of Western Australia’s first graphite processing plant in Collie another step closer.

The MOU sets out the co-operation for the supply of firmed renewable energy for International Graphite’s commercial-scale downstream graphite processing plant, which is also expected to produce battery anode materials for electric vehicles in Collie.

This heralds the next exciting stage in Collie’s economic diversification and is a great example of the State Government’s efforts to facilitate industry collaboration to increase local manufacturing capacity, create jobs and build long-term prosperity.

Renewable energy retailer ZEN Energy, with leading climate change economist Ross Garnaut as a Director, is assessing the feasibility of building a 600 to 800 megawatt hour battery which would provide renewable energy to new and existing industrial projects in Collie.

Access to low-cost, decarbonised energy solutions will be a game-changer to kickstart downstream green industry opportunities in Collie.

The power supply agreement with ZEN Energy is expected to provide a renewable power source to International Graphite’s downstream processing facility in Collie.

Development of the graphite plant will see the manufacturing of graphite products for new technologies such as mobile phones, computers, high-pressure sealants and fire retardant building materials.

The first stage of the project is expected to create around 40 full-time jobs for people in Collie and the surrounding region, with plans to expand the facility to add manufacturing capability.

International Graphite is also researching and developing potential to process graphite for producing anode material for lithium-ion batteries.

International Graphite and ZEN Energy, through its associate Sunshot Energy, have received funding support through the State Government’s Collie Futures Industry Development Fund, with $2 million allocated to International Graphite’s graphite processing plant and up to $1 million for the first stage of ZEN Energy’s big battery feasibility study.

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