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South West Action Statement

South West Action Statement

The South West Action Statement, released in late 2010, is a list of projects which the SWDC, Regional Development Australia − South West and the South West Local Government Association have agreed are important to the future of the region and its communities and which can be developed subject to funding, on an agreed timeline.

These are projects that are either construction ready or close to and which have been through detailed design and business case development. View the South West Action Statement.


Mobile phone coverage

Significant parts of the lower South West are without mobile phone coverage. These areas also represent high risk areas for public safety due to fire, isolation and road hazards. The SWDC is preparing a business case to support accessing mobile phone coverage as part of the Royalties for Regions program for highway coverage throughout Western Australia. A total of 15 new towers are required to effectively cover the danger spots within the region.


The region has a network of airports and airfields. In order to plan for future development the SWDC is supporting the development of Busselton as a major State airport with the potential to eventually cater for wide body jets.

Investment is also occurring at the Bunbury airport as a northern general aviation airport providing emergency services, flight training and general civil aviation. Similar planning is also occurring at Manjimup.

Remaining South West airfields can cater for a variety of emergency service and civil aviation traffic without having major infrastructure upgrades. View map

Marine infrastructure

The lower South West between Cape Naturaliste and Walpole has one of the most exposed and hazardous coastlines in Australia. Safe harbour facilties do not exist between Busselton and Albany whilst Bunbury is at capacity. Boat launching ramps in many locations are exposed to ocean swell making launch and retrieval difficult and many coastal locations are hazourdous to fishers.

Construction is underway  on a new safe boat harbour at Augusta. View map

Roads and port infrastructure

The Commission has led the planning and business case development to support new investment in road and rail access to the port. This is required to prevent major port bottlenecks and to ensure continued economic and jobs growth in the South West. Roads to Export is a collaborative report aimed at gaining awareness of freight challenges and solutions associated with the Bunbury Port. Find out more about the Roads to Export - Infrastructure Investment Plan.


The Commission aims to increase total visitation including national and international visitors, extend length of stay and increase visitor spend. It will do this through encouragement of tour packaging, investing in the development of new attractions and supporting events development in the South West. Find out more about the Tourism Plan.

Industrial land development

Growth in population is producing additional demand for industry land.  It is important to have a land supply available that is capable of providing a high density of industry-based jobs as population grows.The Commission is involved with the completion of the South West Industrial Land Study, Kemerton Structure Plan and planning for the Preston Industrial Park.

Trade investment in the region

The South West supports the development of the South West's economy through trade and investment. The intent is to identify opportunities for new investment, markets and promotion, as well as efficiency improvements. The Commission will also work to assist business and cultural ties through its TradeStart and Bunbury-Jiaxing Business offices, and by encouraging sister city relationships.

Indigenous access

Indigenous people in the South West require improved access to human services and labour force participation. The Commission supports a range of initiatives that will bring this about, including the development of an Indigenous employment strategy, Indigenous day care centre and Indigenous early years projects.

Rail transport

Upgrading the rail network in the region will provide an opportunity to move export-bound freight from roads. The Commission supports the dualling of the track between Brunswick and the Bunbury Port, as well as signalling and rail improvements between Wagerup and Bunbury. Find out more in Roads to Export - Infrastructure Investment Plan.

Broadband and wireless communications

To help the region remain economically competitive, improvements in broadband and wireless communications are required. The region needs broadband infrastructure that will support future economic growth with the objective of achieving speeds of 10-100 megabytes for home use, 1-10 gigabytes for business use and wireless throughout the region. Mobile phone coverage along all highways is needed to support tourism and business visitation to the region and assist in emergency management in high risk areas.