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Local Content

Buy local - invest in your community

Buying local is an investment in your community. It creates a flow-on effect that supports local jobs, training and businesses.

And when local residents and businesses benefit they are more likely to give back by supporting local charities, events and sports teams.

Because when you buy local, everyone benefits. Including you. It's the full circle sensation that starts with your decision to buy local.

Your local content officer

Working to keep jobs and opportunities local

The WA Government is investing in regional areas. Where possible, it wants this money to support local businesses and create new jobs for local residents.

That's where the State's nine regional development commissions come in. The commissions are taking the lead role in linking State Government regional contracts with local suppliers and contractors to create job opportunities in the regions.

Local content officers at the regional development commissions are working to ensure local businesses are given the best shot at tendering for government projects, and encouraging bigger businesses to think local when awarding contracts.

The aim is to include as much local content - local businesses, local jobs - in local projects as possible.

For further information contact your local content officer.

Keeping up to date

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