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Export and Trade Opportunities

If you're planning to expand your business outside Australia for the first time, or are an exporter looking to increase your international sales, we can help you.


tradestart logoThanks to our partnership with the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), we are home to a TradeStart office and able to offer export assistance.

The TradeStart program provides services for both new and existing exporters and, with a direct link to 160 Austrade offices worldwide, is able to match local businesses with international market opportunities.

The prime objective of the program is to assist small and medium sized enterprises with growth potential to commence exporting and to convert irregular exporters to sustainable export activity. TradeStart also provides assistance to established exporters to expand their markets.

What does a TradeStart office do?

  • Promotes exporting, international business and the Australian Government's trade agenda.
  • Assists potential exporters to become established exporters.
  • Assists established exporters to increase export sales and to enter new markets.
  • Works co-operatively with other relevant agencies to maximise the export success of TradeStart clients.
  • Represents Austrade and provides access to the full range of its services for both existing and potential Austrade clients.

Our TradeStart office assists a significant number of local businesses to achieve export markets every year, and the region is recognised as one of Australia's leaders for the development of export businesses.

Your local TradeStart Export Adviser

Our TradeStart manager, Mat Lewis, and TradeStart advisor, Simon Taylor, are well versed in the needs of exporters and potential exporters and skilled in matters of international trade.

By subscribing to his Beyond the Backyard newsletter, you will receive e-newsletter broadcasts about what's moving offshore and who is visiting the region from overseas. It lists buyer visits, offshore events, seminars and opportunities. Subscribe to Beyond the Backyard .

If you're planning to start exporting, or if you're already exporting but would like to increase your sales, phone our trade team on +61 8 9792 2000.

Trade and investment opportunities.

Bunbury-Jiaxing Business Office

bunbury-jiaxing logoThe Bunbury-Jiaxing Business Office is the first point of contact for South West residents intending to trade with China. The office was established in November 2008 to strengthen economic ties between China and the South West of Australia.

Its purpose is to assist with communications, offer advice and facilitate trade and investment opportunities.

Seen as a platform for economic activity, the office is often visited by delegations from China.

More information on Trade Links with China.

Contact the Bunbury-Jiaxing Business Office by phoning 9721 1111 or emailing .

Useful Links & Documents

Events, such as the wine promotion held on Dennis Conner's yacht in San Diego Bay, help introduce products from the South West to potential international buyers and investors

Events, such as the wine promotion held on Dennis Conner's yacht in San Diego Bay, help introduce products from the South West to potential international buyers and investors.