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Community Development

How would you make your community better?

We ask ourselves this question every day as we work towards improving towns across the South West.

From breathing new life into suburbs like Withers in Bunbury to improving services and facilities for the older members of our region, we are initiating, supporting and developing projects that enhance local services, infrastructure and quality of life.

Suporting sustainable projects

We have many projects underway throughout the South West region. These include ensuring availability of industrial land, improving infrastructure provision, helping bring about the urban renewal of our towns, and developing nature trails.

We value diversity and equity in our region and work to encourage self-reliance and create better access to services. Up-to-date information on a range of community projects can be found in our e-Newsletter section.

Research and information

We also provide information about the region and undertake research to help government decision making. Go to the statistics and our region pages to view the latest data.

Help is available in your area

We offer support and advice throughout the entire South West region. Helping to reach our stakeholders face-to-face are the Commission's regional coordinators who focus on specific regional areas and provide support for local projects.

Our Regional Development Coordinators:

Billy Wellstead
Warren-Blackwood region
M: 0448 016 480
Julie Wade
Vasse region
M: 0427 388 645
Deanna Furze
Bunbury-Wellington region
M: 0407 198 725



Many main streets and town centres have been revitalised through urban renewal, a process which breathes new life into areas, making them more attractive to residents, businesses and investors.