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Shire of Manjimup

The Shire of Manjimup is the hub of the timber industry in the South West region. In recent years the volume of hardwood production has decreased as a result of the State's Regional Forest Agreement, addressing the harvesting of native jarrah and other species. The processing of hardwood is now focused primarily on value adding.

Plantations are becoming a significant part of timber production in the area. The total volume of bluegum woodchips exported through the Port of Bunbury in 2008-09 was 1.1 million tonnes. More timber industry statistics.

The local area is host to many vineyards, horticulture and farming operations.

The retail sector is also a significant employer, with the township of Manjimup being the regional centre of the Warren Blackwood area, which encompasses Manjimup and the surrounding Shires of Nannup, Bridgetown Greenbushes and Boyup Brook.


Visit the Manjimup visitor information website for detailed information on local attractions, events, tours and accommodation options.

Shire statistics

Towns & communities
Manjimup, Pemberton, Northcliffe, Walpole, Deanmill, Palgarup, Jardee, Nyamup, Quinninup, Windy Harbour
Local industries
Tourism, Timber, Wood chips, Horticulture, Beef Cattle, Fruit and Vegetables, Dairying, Sheep, Wineries and Viticultuer, Marron and Aquaculture, Truffles
Resident population / annual growth rate
Building value
Residential / non-residential building values
Number of residential building approvals
Labour market
Labour force / unemployment rate
Average income
Average taxable income per annum $55,700
Value of agricultural production

ABS Census data

Community Profiles
Census QuickStats


National Parks

National Parks