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Why the South West of WA?

Businesses choosing to locate to the South West enjoy the region's strong economic growth, a skilled labour force, abundance of industrial land and close proximity to the expanding economies of South East Asia.

Diversity of jobs, the availability of strong business capabilities, and good community and business infrastructure are other factors that make the South West a great place to invest.

The South West's attractive climate and lifestyle are also incentives to those considering a base in the region.

The South West is world-renowned as a quality tourist destination for both domestic and international visitors − and many people like the idea of making their stay in the region a permanent one. With world-class facilities and modern technology, doing business with the rest of the world from the South West is effortless.

The South West Development Commission offers businesses support and advice on issues ranging from industrial land, exporting, migration, servicing industries and Government approvals processes. Find out more about What We Do.

The South West region boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure

The South West region boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure.