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Investment Opportunities

South West Investment Portfolio

The South West Investment Portfolio has been designed as a starting point for those looking to invest in the dynamic South West region of Australia.

Investment opportunities are available in the following industry sectors:


Home of the world-famous Margaret River wine region, the South West provides the ideal setting for luxury branded resorts and is therefore increasingly attractive to international resort developers.

There are a number of opportunities for investment in the tourism industry in the South West. These include:

  • Accommodation development, especially high-end spa resorts and boutique hotels, as well as short-stay and eco-style accommodation
  • Wine tourism
  • Corporate tourism including events and conferencing packages
  • Nature-based tourism

Download tourism investment brochure.


A mild Mediterranean climate with no major pests, pollution or diseases makes the South West well equipped for agricultural development.

Strong growth is occurring in the avocado industry with major new orchards in Capel and Manjimup.

Other relatively new crops such as truffles and green tea are expected to expand the range of horticultural products available in the region.

Manjimup and Myalup produce a significant portion of the state's food supply and have the capacity to double production with investor assistance.

Investment opportunities in the agricultural industry include:

  • Introduction of new crop varieties such as avocados, asparagus and green tea
  • Wineries
  • Expansion of the Myalup and Manjimup food bowls
  • Aquaculture development, including marron and abalone farming
  • Meat and dairy processing

The Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia has developed an extensive information network called Find your Farm. This portal assists potential investors to find the right area, make business contacts and view agricultural statistics and information.

Download agriculture investment brochure.

Mining and manufacturing

The South West is rich in minerals with current mining projects in bauxite (alumina), coal, zircon, rutile, ilemenite, spodumene (lithium) and tantalum.

Collie in the South West currently produces 100 per cent of Western Australia's coal and about 73 per cent of the State's coal-fired electricity.

Worsley near Collie hosts one of the world's largest, low-cost alumina producing hubs.

There are a number of potential investment opportunities in the region's resources sector. In addition, there is available land to establish heavy industry.

Industry opportunities include:

  • Manufacturing of exotic light metals eg. titanium
  • Metal fabrication
  • Power generation
  • Coal mining
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Downstream processing for mineral sands (zircon, rutile, ilmenite, lithium and tantalum)

Download mining investment brochure.

Renewable energy

The South West offers excellent opportunities to develop renewable energy resources. There are new and innovative renewable energy technologies under development including solar, wave, geothermal, wind and bio-energy.

There has been considerable interest in utilising forest by-products to generate electricity through biomass power plants.

A 40 mega watt biomass project near Manjimup using wood and other forest by-products as a fuel has been approved by the Minister for Environment. This project could be a leader in biomass power generation.

A major research project into the possible construction of a CO2 geosequestration hub located in the northern part of the region may lead to opportunities for new industries to locate in the South West and utlise geosequestration technology to reduce CO2 emissions.

Creative industries

A burgeoning creative sector has found a very inspirational home in Western Australia's South West.

Creative activity spans digital animation, film, music, education, design and education.

The Emergence Creative and Innovation Festival, Cinefest Oz and the Australian Centre for Digital Animation are world class examples that are  leading further development in this exciting sector.

Download creative industries investment brochure.

Specific investment opportunities

For information about current investment opportunities contact us +61 8 9792 2000 or email our Strategic Manager Industry and Business.