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Strategic goals

By 2050 we want the South West to be recognised internationally as a region of excellence.

To achieve our vision, we are working with local governments and other organisations to identify and support projects that will make the South West an excellent place to live, work and invest.

Better mobile phone coverage to improve public safety along the region's highways, and the expansion of the Busselton airport to accommodate national and international flight services are just two of the projects we are either driving or supporting.

South West Regional Blueprint

The South West Regional Blueprint is designed to guide the future development of the region up until 2050.

Taking an aspirational view, it identifies how we can grow, create new jobs, build prosperity and have the kind of lifestyle that is so important to living in the South West.

The Blueprint has been jointly produced by the South West Development Commission and Regional Development Australia South West, and will guide investment in regional development into the future.

Infrastructure Investment Plan

Investment in the region's infrastructure is required to ensure the region can cope with projected industry and population growth, and ensure continued quality of life through jobs creation and road safety.

A series of projects have been identified as catalysts to future economic development. They are:

  • Construction of a second railway track from Brunswick to the Bunbury Port;
  • Completion of all stages of the Bunbury Outer Ring Road and Bunbury Port Access Road;
  • Realignment of the Preston River;
  • Improvement of traffic management at Bunbury's Eelup Roundabout;
  • Resolution of safety and bottleneck issues on the Coalfields Highway;
  • Refurbishment of the Greenbushes rail line; and
  • Development of Bunbury Port's container handling capacity.

This push for funding is about more than investment in roads and railways. It is about securing the future prosperity of the region and ensuring the good economic times enjoyed by today's residents continue in the years ahead.

Safer roads, reduced travel times, room for industry growth and jobs creation are some of the benefits that can be expected from improving infrastructure.

Useful Links & Documents

Busselton Margaret River Airport was awarded the 2018 Innovation and Excellence Award for Infrastructure Development Regional Airport at the Australian Airports Association National Industry Awards.